Functional principles of impingement filters

Impingement filters make use of the inertia effect that is described under the section “Functional principles for Depth Loading Filters”.

GEA Delbag Lufttechnik applies three different types of impingement filters:

Metal filter cells
Metal filter cells separate out particles by processes that are described in the sections here on the inertia effect. Dust particles are stored, and liquid aerosols flow away.

Reflection filters:
Air-flow deflection by 180° filters the air on the basis of the mass inertia of heavy dust particles. The air is deflected, but the particles continue along their path and are stored in a dust-collection duct.

Droplet collectors:
A droplet collector deflects the air at several points. The particles are trapped by small projections and are separated in this manner. Liquid aerosols flow away, and solid particles are stored for removal.